Looking For A Lab Bench?

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If you are in the market for a lab bench, there are several things to consider being that this particular piece of lab furniture will potentially be holding beakers and flasks full of potentially corrosive chemicals such as acids and bases.

First and foremost, a lab bench would have to be stable. This would entail sturdy metal construction made from heavy gauge steel that is thick enough to give the bench some weight. It is not uncommon for people standing by a table to lean on it causing it to move or rock back and forth. A heavy gauge steel lab bench that has the legs bolted to it as opposed to a wooden table nailed together will be sturdy and stable enough to maintain it's position when being leaned on. This will help prevent it from rocking and potentially spilling flasks or beakers containing corrosive chemicals.

Secondly, a lab bench would have adjustable feet so that it could be leveled properly. In addition to being sturdy, the bench would have to be level to prevent stands from containing glassware from leaning. If you have ever been in a lab before, you know that stands can suspend glassware fairly high above the table and a leaning table is bad news in this case. Adjustable feet will allow you to level the table making up for any deficiencies in the flooring.

Thirdly, a lab bench would be strong enough to hold thousands of pounds of weight. Again, a sturdy steel frame would be essential in this regard. If you are familiar with the world of analytical chemistry, you know that much of the analytical instrumentation is quite heavy. Additionally, a lab bench may be called on to support heavy carboys full of various types of solutions. In these cases, a sturdy lab bench is necessary.

Finally, a quality lab bench would require a corrosion resistant power coating on it that would preserve the steel construction in the case of spills. For individuals working in a lab, spills are an inevitable truth. Depending on the strength of the solutions being worked with, metal can quickly be corroded in a short time if not washed properly. In this case, a strong chemical resistant powder coating will help protect it from being quickly corroded until it can be cleaned properly.
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Looking For A Lab Bench?

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This article was published on 2010/12/15