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A lab report is an important aspect of all laboratory courses. With that in mind, it goes without saying that it informs a big chunk of a student’s grade. It is important to note that many instractors give their students lab report outlines and if this is availed, it is advisable to stick to it by all means. Basically speaking, a lab report comes up with a concise and clear report of what was carried out in a lab, that is, what was done in an experiment. It therefore addresses what was learnt during the experiment process as well as the interpretation of the results gleaned from an experiment.

As stated above, it is always good to stick to the format presented by the instractors. If the instructor does not avail a prescribed format, it is prudent for a student to stick to prescribed general lab report writing format. As per this format, we have the title page which basically contains the experiments title, your name as well as those of the other individuals with whom you are completing the lab report writing exercise, the name of your instructor as well as the date of the submission of the lab report writing paper.

Next comes the title which is basically a brief of the exercise you carried out. The title should not be more than ten pages. After the title comes the introduction which is basically a statement of the objectives of the lab report it should o ahead and cover how the experiment was covered as well as the findings. The other parts of the lab report include the materials used and the methods. Next comes the data section followed by the results section. The results section is basically a description of the meaning of the data. After the results part comes the discussion and analysis part and then finally the conclusions. If figures and graphs were used, they must appear after the conclusion part but before the references section.

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