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If ever there was a plush dog to add to a soft toy collection, it would have to be Black Lab plush. Like the breed, Black Lab plush are filled with so many positive virtues, you can't help fall instantly in love with them.

In the United States alone, Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breed of dog. They are originally from Newfoundland, Canada, and were trained to jump from boats into icy waters to bring fisherman's nets to the shore. Specimens of the breed were brought to England, where further breeding of its excellent retrieving instincts were developed so as to bring out the best of their abilities. With their easy-going, gentle dispositions, Labs are one of the best family dogs around and are superb with children. They are also highly trainable and as is the case, they excel at detecting drugs, working as guide dogs for the blind, and service dogs for the disabled.

Labs have a short water-resistant double coat which is a good thing given their love of water. They have webbed feet and a tail like an otter, all of which further helps them when swimming. Labs can be solid black, yellow or chocolate brown in color and are bred as two different types; one hails from England (the English Labrador) and the other from the United States (the American Labrador). There are general appearance differences among the two which include: a heavier, and thicker body on the English Lab, while the American Lab is taller and lanky.

Regardless of body type, Labs are some of the most loyal, affectionate and patient dogs in the canine world. They are extremely willing and eager to please and have a genuine love of playing, especially if it means being in the water they will never pass up an opportunity to swim. Human leadership for a Lab is a critical part of owning one as they both require and crave it - they need to feel as though they are part of the family. When Labs are puppies, it is best to begin training them as soon as possible, particularly how to stay and heel while on a leash. As adults, they are remarkably strong and will typically bolt past a human to get out the door first. Their tendency is to also pull on the leash to get at whatever they have set their sights on, even if it means 'choking' themselves inadvertently with their collar.

With Black Lab plush, all the rigorous training that is required of the breed so as to keep its rambunctious nature under control is not needed. However, like the real thing, Black Lab plush do need a great deal of attention so they can feel loved and cared for at all times.
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Black Lab Plush & Facts

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This article was published on 2010/10/20